WomenYSK: Depelsha McGruder Named Chief Operating Officer of New York Public Radio

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Media and television executive Depelsha McGruder is among the inspiring, change-making, pioneering, and determined women and girls we’ve had the incredible privilege to profile over the last seven years. She was first featured on our site in July 2017 through a powerful piece she penned about the nonprofits she founded, sister organizations dedicated to positively influencing how Black boys and men are perceived and treated by law enforcement and in society. This past April, Depelsha was one of the esteemed main stage panelists at our annual Fearless Fest event. In continuing to celebrate this woman you should know, it is our great pleasure to announce that Depelsha has been named Chief Operating Officer of New York Public Radio (NYPR), home to three of the country’s leading public radio stations and an innovative producer of news, talk, cultural programming, and digital content.

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