Keep Your Entire Refund

*For NY residents with an income of $68,000 or less

The IRS has changed the date for filing taxes by one month to May 17, 2021.

At this point, there is limited availability for appointments until this date. As a year-round tax site, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation will continue to look to serve you post the official filing date.

This year all VITA Tax Site sites have experienced excessive demand and limited staff leading to delays of more than 2 weeks in processing your tax returns. If you have already had your preliminary intake and dropped off your documents, please expect to receive a call from us. We appreciate your patience during this time and delay.

PLEASE NOTE: If the IRS OWES YOU MONEY there is no problem filing your taxes after 5/17/2021. If YOU OWE THE IRS MONEY you want to file by 5/17/2021.

We greatly appreciate your patience with this delay. If you have been told you will receive a call, you will receive a call!

Have you received your stimulus check? Wondering what to do with the $1400? This is an excellent time to see a financial counselor to make the most of this money and manage your personal finances in this difficult time. We hope that you will join our Brooklyn Saves Campaign. Make an appointment with a financial counselor by calling (718) 636-6994 or schedule online.