The Nycha Journal: Summers at the Woodhull Youthmarket

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by Jayda Frazier

Jada, Brittney, and Jayda at the Farmers Market

Three years ago I got an offer to work at the Woodhull Farmers Market operated by Grow NYC in partnership with Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration. I was so excited to get my first job while I was still in high school. It’s now my third summer at the farmers market and I am now a rising sophomore at Lincoln University.

My first summer at the market, I went to training early on a Saturday morning by myself feeling a little nervous. I saw a lot of people from different walks of life. I also felt intimidated because they knew a lot about food and all I knew was how to order a bacon, egg and cheese from the corner store. The first day my coworkers and I worked together and set up tents, tables, signs, and the produce. We had fruits and vegetables like peaches and purple carrots which was new to the community because there's so many unhealthy fast food restaurants and inorganic goods.

We also learned more about each other. Jaidah lives in Marcy Housing just like me, has a beautiful baby boy, and knows so much about the community. My other coworker Britney was working to graduate high school early and also lived in Marcy Housing. By our second year Tracey Capers, Executive Vice President at Restoration who first hired us,called us “The Triple Threat”.

A few weeks ago a guy named David came up to me and asked “ why do you do this” and my response was “ Because this makes people happy”. I didn't just like working with my new friends but I also looked forward to seeing how happy our customers got just because we were there. Customers always ask “ what days are you here”, “ up until when will you be here”, or “ are there more markets” because this is something we’ve been wanting in our community.

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