Restorations Farm to Early Care Featured in new Research by PFC Social Impact Advisors

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BSRC has been working on improving community access to healthy and affordable food for many years, notably working to attract the first full-service supermarket and 6 first sit-down restaurant to the community and supporting the creation of the area’s first farmers market. BSRC began looking specifically at the food offered in early childcare settings in 2013. Recalls Tracey Capers, executive vice president of programs/organizational development, "We looked around the communities and despite changes we still had too much unhealthy food in the bodegasand scores of fast food restaurants. So our challenge was how to change the food system when there is so much to do. We decided on early care for this reason, where we would have the opportunity for the greatest impact across generations. The hope was that children would be the teachers showing the way to their families."

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