Restoration was just recognized by Economic Mobility Pathways – EMPath for all of our efforts!

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February 2020

Member Highlight

Black History Month

This month is Black History Month, and while a myriad of topics, interests, or challenges could be highlighted we wanted to focus on the wealth gap experienced by people of color across the United States. From the membership, we want to focus on Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation’s Center for Personal Financial Health, based in Brooklyn, NY. Restoration relentlessly pursues strategies to close gaps in family and community wealth.

The Center for Personal Financial Health is a dynamic full-service facility that provides a multitude of services to fulfill a diverse set of goals; including financial counseling, employment, education, mental health, and social services to support clients in their journey of developing economic self-sufficiency.

Within their Mobility Mentoring®-informed programming, Restoration’s staff introduce the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® during intake and service planning, and incorporate EMPath training techniques to engage with all clients holistically. Supporting residents during the pandemic; by the end of 2020, Restoration employees made thousands of wellness calls, helped to connect over 1,400 families with 30,000 meals, secured $70K in rental assistance and emergency cash assistance for families, provided mental health services to 880 clients, distributed 100,000 PPE, and helped over 135 people to gain employment. Resource Navigators assisted thousands of families quarantining through the test and trace initiative.

Thank you to Restoration Plaza for their work – and we look forward to continuing to expand the conversation around the wealth gap, and how we can remain aspirational in your programming.