Restoration Launches Corporate Wide Volunteer Program

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Founded in 1967 by Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and a group of dedicated local activists, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation has been a central pillar of community life in Central Brooklyn for the past 51 years. Restoration delivers a wide range of employment, wealth building, education, arts and health programs to more than 80,000 Brooklynites each year. Distinguished by a profound connection to its neighbors, a willingness to address new problems with swift and innovative solutions, and a strong record of accomplishment, Restoration challenges the effects of urban poverty by helping families achieve better lives for themselves and their children.

However, the scale of problems in our communities is so large that we cannot do it all alone. All hands are needed in this work. That is why we are calling on all Bed-Stuy residents, whether they have lived here for generations or moved here only recently, to come forward and volunteer with us.

Volunteers use their skills and expertise to support our organization’s mission. Volunteering has many benefits for the volunteers as well. Not only do they earn the satisfaction of giving back to their community, they also get the opportunity to sharpen their skills, make new friends and improve their general sense of well-being.

Opportunities include helping job seekers strengthen their job seeking abilities, administrative assisting, supporting education project for young people, and fundraising for special events.

Our volunteer program welcomes anyone of any skill level. No time to show up? No problem. We also offer remote volunteer opportunities.

Sign up today! Visit our website to learn more and apply.

Join our first volunteer orientation on Thursday April 25th at 6:30PM. Held in the Multipurpose Room on the first floor of 1368 Fulton Street. If you can’t make it to the meeting, don’t worry, A webinar on the proceedings will be hosted on our website.