Resilience is: nurturing entrepreneurship to keep our neighborhoods safe.

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In 2011, Omowale St. Juste first walked through the doors of the Brooklyn Business Center (BBC) with an exciting idea for a new company: a security firm committed to protecting the life and property of Brooklyn’s Black businesses.

Omowale partnered with a BBC coach to found his company, SJ Solutions, then set to work on accessing the capital necessary to get SJ Solutions off the ground. The Brooklyn Business Center strives to always provide the best possible information and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs, so we worked alongside Omowale to get his business certified as a Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) -- a crucial piece of the puzzle to accessing the credit necessary to secure his first contracts.

Since then, Omowale has grown SJ Solutions to become a major player in multiple industries such as high-end retail, banks, supermarkets, residential properties, hotels, construction sites, office buildings, and personal protection, as well as a subcontractor with New York City to protect the city’s homeless. SJ Solutions now employs 180 people with sales topping $4.7 million as they innovate new security solutions that bring the best of emergent technologies to their full-service firm of security professionals.

But the heart of Omowale’s company and ambitions will always be Bedford-Stuyvesant: his prime contractor is Black Veterans for Social Justice, and he recently moved SJ Solutions’ headquarters to Restoration Plaza -- the home of Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza, the place where his dreams first took flight.

Won’t you join us today in assisting more clients like Omowale in harnessing the power of Dream & Do?


RESILIENCE: Meeting the critical needs of today while closing the racial wealth gap that determines a prosperous tomorrow.