Resilience is: Brittney’s next step

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At Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, resilience looks like Brittney-- a 29-year-old client of our Center for Personal Financial Health.

When she first walked through our doors in 2016, Brittney was living in public housing on $400 of income support per week. She sought our support to access the tools needed to improve her financial literacy and boost her net worth.

A Restoration coach partnered with Brittney to create a clear plan to meet all her goals. But at Restoration, increasing net worth doesn’t just mean dollars in the bank: it also means increasing dignity, understanding, and individual value to further build thriving communities. As we prepared Brittney’s plan, we did more than create a checklist: we equipped Brittney with the knowledge and know-how necessary for her to dream & do in order to take that checklist and make it reality.

With our guidance, Brittney secured a position first as a pharmacy technician, then later as a full-time provisional teacher in Pharmacy Tech. She now earns almost $70,000 a year, boosted her credit score by 200 points, and now lives in a three-bedroom apartment. Brittney’s new plan? Like so many young New Yorkers, Brittney dreams of buying a home! And complete her graduate program at Northeastern University.

Join us in supporting clients like Brittney in building a more equitable and prosperous Brooklyn.


RESILIENCE: Meeting the critical needs of today while closing the racial wealth gap that determines a prosperous tomorrow.