New York Times: Citi Bike Expands Discount Memberships to Reach More Low-Income New Yorkers

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By Zoe Greenberg

Citi Bike has long struggled to expand its bike-share program to reach more low-income New Yorkers.

On Tuesday, the city announced that residents who receive food stamps can purchase a Citi Bike membership for $5 a month, a third of the standard $14.95 monthly rate. That discount has been offered since 2013 to public housing residents who signed a yearlong commitment. An annual contract, however, is no longer required for the discounted rate.

Healthfirst, the nonprofit health insurance company sponsoring the program, declined to say how much it would cost.

“Affordable bike share for more New Yorkers helps us build a fairer and more equitable city,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement on Tuesday.

City and company officials have heralded Citi Bike as a success. There are 145,000 annual members and the company celebrated its 60-million-trip milestone last month after launching in New York in 2013.

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