Mercy College Prepares to Welcome The College of New Rochelle Students This Fall

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by Dobbs Ferry Campus

Mercy Announces Plans to Register Nearly 1,700 Students, Approval to Teach Academic Programs, Offers to Hire 70 Faculty and Staff, Commitment to Similar or Lower Tuition and New Leases for Three Former CNR Campuses

Following the March 2019 agreement between Mercy College and The College of New Rochelle (CNR), Mercy College is pleased to announce it plans to register nearly 1,700 CNR students for classes that will start this fall. The College has also received approval to teach most CNR academic programs, has made offers to hire 70 faculty and staff and has negotiated leases to use three CNR Campuses. In addition, Mercy has committed to providing similar or lower tuition rates for students. Together, these efforts will provide a seamless pathway for CNR students to continue their education uninterrupted after CNR ceases academic operations on August 10, 2019 and holds its final commencement ceremony on August 20, 2019.

The preparation to take on nearly 1,700 CNR students has been unprecedented. Mercy continues to work closely with students to facilitate their transfer and ensure their credits are accepted and applied to the appropriate degree paths. Mercy is also ensuring tuition will likely be the same or in many cases less, reviewing student eligibility for financial aid awards including federal, state and institutional awards. Mercy will provide on-site student support services and is communicating with students to provide timely updates. Mercy has worked tirelessly to eliminate obstacles that would hinder CNR students from continuing their education.

“Mercy College’s ability to provide an uninterrupted pathway for nearly 1,700 CNR students to earn their college degrees is a testament to the strength of our institution and of our ability to ensure the best outcome for students,” said Timothy Hall, President of Mercy College. “We are eager to welcome these students to the Mercy family this fall and would like to thank CNR President William Latimer and his dedicated team for helping us achieve this momentous success.”

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