Jobs Plus Financial Counselor John Dallas Writes Monthly Column for NYCHA Journal

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John Dallas

Monday, October 31, 2016

Restoration's Jobs Plus award-winning Financial Counselor John Dallas writes a monthly column in the NYCHA Journal answering your questions about finances. Head over to page 11 of this months journal to read his financial advice.

"As a financial counselor, I meet regularly with individuals who prefer to keep their savings stashed away in a shoebox, in a can, under a mattress, or in some other place at home. The reasons for this include a distrust of banks, wanting instant and fee-free access to savings, or a desire to avoid a rent increase (which is unlikely due to current interest rates on savings accounts; more on this in a future column). Regardless of the reasons, keeping one’s hard-earned cash out of the banking system makes no “cents”—and certainly no dollars— in a number of very real ways..."

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