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by Derek Moore

The fashion show will take place in the west plaza at 1368 Fulton St on Sunday, July 28th

Becoming an icon in New York City’s fashion industry is no easy task. Moshood Afariogun has done just that and made a name for himself among celebrities and everyday New Yorkers. Since opening his first store front in Fort Greene in 1994, Moshood has become world renowned for his Afro-centric designs and bold logo. After 25 years, a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn found Moshood reconsidering his overpriced rent and changing community. Now, he has found a new home at Restoration Plaza.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary and their new home, Moshood Creations will celebrate 25 years in Brooklyn on July 28 with a fashion show at Restoration Plaza. We sat down with Michael Williams, accessory designer and partner of Moshood Creations, to learn more about the old Ft. Greene, black entrepreneurship, and Moshood’s vision for the future. Check out the excerpts below:

What excites you most about this relocation?

Just by standing out there, talking to a lot of people that walk by the plaza, I feel happy because they sit down and talk. A woman came in one day to the plaza, she told me “Oh we're excited, we live down the block we're going to come to this store all the time.” I said great, I'm here.

What do you say to people who have been shopping with Moshood for years? Or newer customers?

We have some fantastic things lined up that's going to blow everybody’s mind. Wait until the fashion show, you're going to see some really outrageous stuff.
Moshood is going to expand to several things. Making kid clothes, which he was doing in the 90’s. He's just gonna expand to several other things I mean, who knows. I tell him, this is what's new and he goes for it.

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“We are thrilled to offer a new platform for Moshood on the Restoration campus! Moshood is a cultural giant in the fashion industry. His clothing encourages us to take pride in our ancestral roots. It’s a natural synergy and perfect fit with the work that we do at Restoration. As he embarks on recreating the brand and strengthening the ties to community, we envision an exciting partnership and greater community engagement.” says Rachel Joseph, Director of Operations and Administration at Restoration.

While Mooshood himself was a little interview shy, he did have one thing to say “Wear Moshood, Wear Yourself”.