Hussain’s Story, Restoration Volunteer Financial Planner- Foundation for Financial Planning

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Throughout his career as a CFP® professional, Hussain Zaidi has always felt a strong desire to bring financial planning to the everyday American– the majority of whom have very little savings and are overlooked by the industry. In late 2019, when he was looking for volunteer opportunities in New York, Hussain learned about the Foundation for Financial Planning, as well as FFP grantee, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. He reached out to learn more and soon began volunteering as a pro bono financial planner.

As most of his engagements have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hussain has seen firsthand the economic fallout experienced by some of his pro bono clients. “A common theme has been wanting to pay down debt. With less cash reserves and with much more uncertainty with COVID-19, [I suggest that] this is maybe not the time to get aggressive about paying down debt. This is a time to keep your cash reserve and grow it… [I am] educating them but leaving it ultimately up to them. [I remind them that it is important to] have a reserve in case there is NO job for you and there is a second wave.”

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