Free “Wealth Building Wednesday” Series Aims to Build Financial Confidence

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Vanessa Lindley

The Economic Solutions Center has released its lineup of speakers and themes for the 2018 Wealth Building Wednesday series. This series will feature professionals from a variety of fields covering topics like: “The Five Rules of Economic Liberation”, “How to get to 750”, “Slaying your Debt”, “The Savings Mindset”, and “Your First Home Purchase”. The kickoff event will be “Money Talks: Are You Listening?” (April 18th), presented by Vanessa A. Lindley, CEO of The Lindley Consulting Group LLC. Lindley brings with her over 20 years of experience in personal finance and community development.

“The series is designed to impart both practical skills, how to build your score, the basics of investment, and provide the inspiration and insights that help jump-start personal change.” explains Restoration’s Associate Manager for Asset Building, Molly Ornati.   

The “racial wealth gap” measures the difference between the median wealth of Black Americans and White Americans.  According to the Economic Policy Institute, the average wealth for white families is 7 times higher than the average wealth for black families. The income gap is closing, but the wealth gap is widening. Bridging the racial wealth gap has become a central theme of Restoration’s recent strategic pivot of its programming. Forbes, Washington Post, and CityLab, have all recently covered stories about the contrast of wealth between Americans.

While statistics paint an alarming picture of the financial state of Black Americans, Restoration is determined to provide the knowledge, support and resources that lead to change. Aiding residents of Central Brooklyn in acquiring assets and growing their savings begins through education and awareness. Restoration President and CEO, Colvin Grannum, remarks, “Control of assets is the true measure of economic and social equity. At Restoration, we’re committed to leading the movement to close the racial wealth gap by assisting low and moderate income residents of Central Brooklyn as they seek to achieve more, earn more, save more, and invest more”

The “Wealth Building Wednesday” series will serve our community members by providing the tools and vision they need to reach their financial goals.  “Families must face their finances to leave financially free and leave a lasting legacy!” says Lindley. On Wednesday, May 16th join us for “Zero Balance Budgeting” . For more information please visit our Calendar or call the Economic Solutions Center at 718-636-6994  

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