Forbes: The Story Behind Moms of Black Boys United

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Depelsha McGruder was balled up in bed, crying as she worried how she could protect her two young boys, 7 and 4, in the face of police violence against unarmed black males. Though a Harvard MBA and senior vice president at Viacom, the Brooklyn resident felt powerless and alone.

Using social media, she reached out for support. In the process, she founded Moms of Black Boys United, a nonprofit which in less than 2 years has mobilized meetings in over 20 U.S. cities.

Depelsha shares her story in her own words.

I kept seeing multiple killings by police of black boys and men in the news. In July 2016, there were two back-to-back killings.

As a mom of black sons, I was very disturbed. I saw these graphic images on the news of Alton Sterling shot at close range and all the blood surrounding him. The next day it was Philando Castile. His girlfriend broadcast his death live on Facebook.

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