Food Access and Equity

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Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of a healthy, active community. Since 2014, the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods(CHN) has annually served over 50,000 Central Brooklyn residents with locally sourced produce. Providing a pipeline for neighborhood institutions is critical for sustaining the local food system and boosting the local food economy. By creating a cost effective purchasing and distribution pipeline, we are able to meet demand for low and moderate income community members.

CHN aims to address food inequality in Central Brooklyn by cultivating strategic partnerships that can provide residents with direct access to healthy food and supporting institutions by establishing procurement practices and policies that facilitate access to fresh, healthy local produce.

Farm to Institution: We work with values-aligned sourcing partners to provide nutritious alternatives to senior centers and Headstart school programs in Central Brooklyn, integrating fresh produce into the daily meals of thousands of residents.

Advocacy & Outreach: We collaborate with other organizations to provide cooking demonstrations, farm tours, and direct funding access, advertising, and technical assistance to markets throughout Brooklyn.

Locally grown, farm fresh produce: CHN works to promote opportunities for free/low cost local produce. There are several farmers markets and other locations to access free/low cost farm shares. Learn more about these opportunities and find tips and recipes for eating healthy.

Youth from the community are employed at the YouthMarker Farmers’ Market where they learn about healthy living and produce along with customer service skills and business fundamentals.