Financial Guidance for Difficult Times: Empowerment Webinars from Bed Stuy Restoration Corp

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Managing your Finances During Covid-19
6/16 5:00pm Host: Financial Counselor Michael Hall
With Covid-19 everyone's financial situation has changed. This workshop will help you make the most of available benefits and negotiate the best terms to manage in this difficult time.
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Saving and Investing - Back to Basics in Uncertain Times
6/22 6:00pm Host: Barbara Lupo, Certified Financial Planner
Ms. Lupo has more than 25 years experience in finance and is able to communicate complicated financial concepts and suggest practical steps for savings and retirement plans.
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Never pay fees Again: How to Manage your Bank Account
6/30 5:00pm Host: Financial Counselor Pilayne Franklin
We often stay with a bank for 10-20 years but it may not have the best terms, nor meet your needs. Learn how to choose a bank and understand their terms so you will never pay fees again!
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