Citi Bike Profile: Multi Modal Commuter

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Luqman Stroud is 30 years old and  a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Queens College with a Masters in Urban Affairs in September of 2016. Luqman works at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation where he is an intern for the  president, Mr. Colvin Grannum. His work is focused on a special project that is aimed devising strategies to address the racial wealth gap. He is conducting research on building wealth within minority communities like Central Brooklyn and then helping to implement his findings within Restoration programs and services. He was interviewed about his experience using Citi Bike.

Luqman posing with Citi Bike

What caused you to become a member?

I heard about Citi Bike through my employer Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. I saw pictures of the various events and heard about the Community Bike Rides that are hosted weekly. I wanted to attend one of the rides, but then I decided to join.


Were you always fond of Citi Bike?

It was just something new to me. I’ve seen the bikes around, but I rode my own bike so I didn’t pay Citi Bike any mind really.


Why did you decide to abandon your own bike for CitiBike?

I haven’t abandoned my bike. I still use it. But for one, I would rather not damage my own bike and two, the Citi Bikes being placed in certain locations made it convenient rather than carrying my own bike. I thought of it as “Wheels when you need it”.


Where do you usually ride?

I ride my bike everywhere, from where I live in East New York to Queens to work in Bed Stuy. In short, any place that I need to go. East New York unfortunately is not a service area for Citi Bike which is why I use my own bike there. However, since Citi Bikes are located in close in proximity to MTA transit, from work, I generally bike to the nearest 3 train, then take the train home to East New York, or vice versa from home, I take the 3 train to the nearest docking station.


Do you drive? And do you prefer it to Citi Bike?

I definitely prefer driving. However, driving in NYC is so congested, its just so much more convenient to ride a bike. Less gas involved, less traffic involved, and different things make biking better. Citi Bike is set up just to be a more comfortable ride.


Would you recommend Citi Bike to someone?

I would and I have recommended Citi Bike to a bunch of people, because it’s really cool. I suggest everyone should do it. There are some easily identifiable benefits. Riding a bike, exercise, getting out in the open, being environmentally friendly. As a bike rider, one of the purposes is the environmental effects,  you want to breathe clean air.


This interview, conducted by Jerrell Gray, a Hope Reichbach Fund Fellow, is part of an ongoing series made possible by Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. Our partners at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation are leaders in the NYC Better Bike Share Partnership, a community driven collaboration of diverse stakeholders, that aims to develop inclusive programs and policies to promote equity through bike share and increase the diversity of bike share riders to improve health and financial outcomes of NYC neighborhoods. The Partnership is a community-driven collaboration of diverse stakeholders who influence transportation, and exploring ways to make bike share more equitable.

There are many affordable bike share memberships as low as a $5 month.  Restoration customers are entitled to a discount if they take advantage of Restoration services, i.e. financial counseling, workforce development or social supports.