Brooklyn Navy Yard – Equity Incubator

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard (BNYDC) has issued Request for Expressions of Interest and Proposals (“RFEI / RFP”) as a call to action for businesses, entrepreneurs, and joint ventures that are interested in increasing the equity of business ownership, particularly of minorities and women in New York City.

The two-stage RFEI/RFP seeks to identify a winning respondent to receive a lease from BNYDC to operate an incubator and/or accelerator dedicated to a diverse business ownership and entrepreneurship, and particularly the support and growth of Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (“MWBE”) in New York City. The successful respondent would be responsible for the buildout, lease, and operation of an equity incubator and/or accelerator (the “Equity Incubator”). Available spaces at the Brooklyn Navy Yard range from 1,500 sf to 40,000 sf, in buildings 212, 303, 77 and 127.