BK Reader: What Happens When History Becomes His Story And Not Ours?

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by Atiya Pope (Youth Arts Academy Media student)

I think that the current curriculum for social studies in schools in Brooklyn should cover more diverse topics because the learning experience is not inclusive.The small spectrum of education can make children feel left out because their ethnicity’s history in America is not being talked about and the teachers never give the full story. Also, learning about more diverse topics can help us to learn from our mistakes and to not let history repeat itself again.

There have been multiple times here in this country when the government and the people were being inhumane and cruel towards whole ethnic groups, but no one ever says anything about it. For example, in the 1940s, the American government forced Japanese-Americans into concentration camps. I was never taught about this in school and only found out this year. Such extreme events happen to a large percentage of people in our country. But they still go unnoticed by schools and become unconsciously buried in the minds of everyone because of the lack of attention that they receive.

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