BK Reader: The High Price of Knowledge

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By Mikua Ferrer (Youth Arts Academy Media student)

Currently in the U.S., college tuition has become too expensive and unaffordable for many middle- and lower-income students, creating unequal access to fair education and leaving many young people in debt.

Not only is this issue a rising concern for many parents who want to send their children to college, but also it is discouraging many students into not wanting to go to college.

One of the concerns is the debt that people have to pay. According to college board, the average college tuition for private four-year college is about $32,000 yearly. Depending on which college students are interested in, the tuition costs vary. Unless you get a scholarship, many students who cannot afford this are out of luck. As a result, thousands of students each year have to take out loans in order to go to school. After attending college you may find yourself paying back thousands of dollars in debt. Millions of AmericansĀ end up struggling to pay it off years after graduating or leaving college.

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