At Restoration, resilience is…

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At Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, resilience means meeting the critical needs of today while closing the racial wealth gap that determines a prosperous tomorrow.

Based upon our 54 year history as a national leader in community development, we know the importance of providing trusted services to address disparities in workplace readiness, financial literacy, employment opportunity, small business capital, and access to affordable health services. As Restoration looks ahead, we have identified increasing the net worth of our community as the single greatest priority for improving well-being.

We know that wealth is more than just dollars in the bank — growing net worth translates to dignity, visibility, access, value, and legacy.

For Central Brooklyn, our resilience is measured in our ability to meet the demands of the moment and also our ability to Dream & Do in service of a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable future.

In the coming weeks, you’ll meet members of our Restoration community - mothers, brothers, entrepreneurs and employees - and hear how they achieve and define resilience in their own lives, and the role Restoration plays in their story.

We invite you to join them in creating a future where every family and business in our Central Brooklyn neighborhood has the chance to thrive. You can make a gift to support Restoration and our work here.


Colvin W. Grannum, Esq.
President & CEO