AMNY: Vital Brooklyn funding initiative outlined by Cuomo in Bed-Stuy

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by Matthew Chayes

Brooklyn’s most impoverished neighborhoods could soon have new state funding after the proposal process opened on Thursday for groups seeking part of a $1.4 billion program.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Thursday, said administrators of the Vital Brooklyn initiative are now accepting proposals for funding through the program.

The initiative, focused on a 46.5-square mile area of central Brooklyn, was announced last year and is expected to provides funding for schools, housing, health care, jobs and more in Brooklyn.

State money will go to help 30,000 unemployed people; construct 3,000 subsidized homes at 11 sites; build 30 new playgrounds and community gardens; and fund programs such as midnight basketball. The initiative also includes $700 million for health care.

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